About Cocos Code

Cocos Code is a producer of some of the most exceptional health and beauty products to be found anywhere. They are actually manufactured in the Philippines, where the finest ingredients grow in abundance, by a company that follows the principles of Equitrade, does not test on animals, supports The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and tries its best to make a difference.


Cocos Code’s founder, Maria Lani, has, for many years, been formulating and developing natural beauty products, using a blend of virgin coconut oil – who is certified with CERES ( International Organic Certification), moringa oil and ingredients from Biological plants and farms, for use in high-end Cocos Code products. We are probably one of the only companies in the world using this blend in our products.

Also, the raw virgin coconut oil we use is quite possibly the finest in the world. We do not know of another company using this quality of oil in their beauty products.

In fact very few companies sell this quality of oil for nutritional use. Also, very few producers of beauty products use moringa oil, even though it is widely recognised as being wonderful oil for the skin.

All Cocos Code products are formulated by Maria Lani in the Philippines. They are manufactured, packaged and labeled in the Philippines. Virtually all the ingredients are sourced from the Philippines. The “value-adding” takes place in the Philippines. Luckily the finest raw virgin coconut oil in the world just happens to be produced in……….the Philippines. Cocos Code is perfectly happy to tell customers where our ingredients are grown, and the farmers who grow them. We use the finest natural ingredients; why wouldn’t we be proud to tell you where they come from.